Configured for your application

Bernex CVD, CVA and CVI machines are delivered with the exact configuration and coating technologies you need for your application.

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Bernex offers systems for a wide range of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technologies, including chemical vapour aluminizing (CVA), chemical vapour infiltration (CVI) and CVD with solid metalorganic precursors (MOCVD). All systems are configured to customer needs and loaded with standard, ready-to-use or specially developed coating recipes.

Bernex coating systems set the worldwide industry standard for the enhancement of wear, friction and temperature protection of tools and components. Because investing in a coating system is a long-term commitment, Bernex specializes in high-tech upgrades and fast, reliable support.


Wide variety of
coating applications

Fully automated
process control

upgradable design


Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) Coating Systems

Bernex CVD machines are capable of delivering a wide range of advanced coating solutions for applications in the cutting and forming industries. Typical applications include protective coatings on cemented carbide cutting tool inserts, steel for forming and extrusion dies and other suitable substrates.

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Chemical Vapour Aluminizing (CVA) SYSTEMS

Bernex™ ALUVAP CVA coating systems are designed to produce diffusion coatings for protection against hot corrosion and high temperature oxidation. CVA technology is highly effective at producing so-called bond coats on the parts of the hot section of gas turbines and jet engines. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional bond coating methods.

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Chemical Vapour Infiltration (CVI) Equipment

Bernex™ CVI systems are designed to coat the internal surfaces of porous materials such as carbon fiber bundles or 3D bodies that are used to make fiber-reinforced composites (FRC). Typical applications include aerospace, automotive, medical and industrial components. 

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Dedicated to R&D work or small concept proof validation trials, Bernex CVD LabTube is equipped with a variety of CVD precursor modules.

MOCVD equipment

Sublimation Of Solid Metal organic Precursors (MOCVD)

CVD processes draw their products from precursors that are dosed into the reactor chamber in the gas phase. 

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High quality CVI on fibre bundles

Bernex Fibre Coater

CVD coatings on carbon or silicon carbon fibres can give them an edge in challenging applications, such as heat-resistant jet engine components. Now, it is possible to create these coatings with state-of-the-art Bernex CVI technology.

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Bernex’s parent company Hauzer Techno Coating, headquartered in the Netherlands, specializes in physical vapor deposition (PVD) systems. Hauzer has served the market with high-tech PVD and plasma-assisted CVD (PACVD) coating equipment since 1983.

As a leader in arc evaporation, magnetron sputtering and custom, modular configurations, Hauzer Techno Coating is your partner of choice for industry-proven PVD and PACVD coating equipment.


Bernex systems have a modular design, engineered for long service lifetimes. As technology develops and the day-to-day requirements in the industry change, Bernex offers hardware and software upgrades, safety relevant topics like railings, new cooling traps,  PLC, or new Windows versions so that its coating systems keep functioning at a state-of-the-art level. 

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Customer service

When you purchase a Bernex coating system, you are entering into a partnership with a firm with over 45 years of history. We are 100% committed to our customers and aim to reach total customer satisfaction. This core philosophy drives our entire culture, from equipment engineering to delivery and after sales service.

Introduction and Training
Well-trained staff is an essential component of your success. Two training moments are included in any machine delivery: when the initial acceptance test is carried out and when the system is installed at your premises. These training sessions will help your people feel comfortable with the machine’s operation and maintenance. Additional refresher training can be arranged to keep your staff up-to-date with the operation, maintenance and safety aspects of your investment. This refresher training may be especially worthwhile after an upgrade, a change in application or a hiring round.

Service Hotline
Bernex engineers and techni¬cians are only a phone call away to support you when your equipment is down. Call our service hotline to talk to highly qualified specialists who will quickly understand your issue and help you to resolve it. All Bernex systems are equipped with a remote access interface to quickly locate the cause of the breakdown without the need for on-site service.

On-site Service
Bernex equipment is engineered to be highly reliable and easy to repair. Your own staff can solve most problems easily. If required, we can deploy a service team to your site on short notice.

Preventive Maintenance
Good maintenance significantly increases the lifetime of your investment. When you buy a Bernex system, you can also take out a preventive maintenance contract. These contracts are custom-designed, taking the intended use of the equipment into account and allowing customers to maximize their production output.

Spare Parts
Bernex provides the highest quality spare parts with the shortest possible lead time, over the full lifetime of the equipment. Only original Bernex spare parts can guarantee perfect compatibility and quality.

Our policy of continuous improvement includes technical developments for spare parts. This way, you can benefit from an ever-increasing level of functionality and reliability.

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