New Bernex Copernicus reactor loading setup

Bernex has realised a brand-new reactor loading setup for CVD machines. The patented concept, called Copernicus (EP 2304075 and others), simplifies the introduction, mixing and removal of chemicals in the reactor. It also increases the growth rate of coatings while maintaining uniformity. The new product also provides additional process flexibility and reduces the cost of ownership.

Copernicus – the parts are in orbit around the centre

Hristo Strakov, Bernex Head of Technology, explains the concept of the Copernicus system: “Previously, we provided gas from the centre of the reactor, from a rotating pipe. The gas would flow outward towards the reactor wall, where it would be evacuated. In that setup, the gas distribution pipe rotates, which means the system also requires a rotational gas pre-heating module to bring the gas mixture to the required process temperature. In this older configuration, the richest gas mixture was introduced to the smallest surface area and lowest number of tools to be coated.”

With Copernicus, Bernex turned everything around: gas comes in from the outside and flows into the centre of the reactor. The results of that are beneficial, describes Hristo: “The gas distribution is fixed while the loading setup with the tools rotates. In this way there is no more need for the preheating module as the gas mixture is directly pre-heated to the process temperature by the reactor wall. The fixtures and parts to be coated will rotate around a central axis to achieve even better homogeneity. The largest coating surface is at the outside of the reactor, so the process becomes much more efficient: the chemicals are introduced in the place in the reactor with highest surface. Different concentrations can be applied to increase the coating growth rate while keeping or improving the overall homogeneity.”


This article is part of the Hauzer for You issue 38. Read it here.