Enabling Your Success Through Our Coating Technology

Businesses in the cutting tool market are well aware of the benefits of coatings to increase tool lifetime, performance and quality. Because of the wide variety of workpiece materials, machining processes, tools and production parameters in the industry, having the coating equipment with the broadest range of technology can make a big difference for your business. Hauzer and Bernex are the enablers of your success because of our flexible systems with proven technology, and the way we are constantly watching future developments.

Bernex and Hauzer: the right technology partners

Physical vapour deposition (PVD) and chemical vapour deposition (CVD) are the two most important coating types for cutting tool applications. For the majority of applications, one of the two technologies is strictly superior – for instance, CVD for turning applications and PVD on shaft tools. Because Hauzer and Bernex are both part of the IHI group, you can rest assured that we will always point you to the right technology base for your application – whether the optimal solution ends up being CVD or PVD. Together, we offer the complete portfolio and a synergy in helping our customers and prospective customers.

Bernex and Hauzer are both experts in their field. Bernex has been the leading supplier of CVD technology since 1973, whereas Hauzer has been serving the tool coating industry with PVD coating systems since 1983. Both companies have long-standing expertise building coating machines for tool manufacturers, OEMs and coating service providers, and have a detailed understanding of the different business models and the pressures involved.


The benefits of a broad range of technologies

In general, cutting tool manufacturers are looking to do one of three things:

  • Coatings with proven performance, ideally with a plug-and-play recipe
  • A partner to develop the best performance for their specific application
  • The power and versatility to develop their own coating architectures

Each of those goals benefits from working with a company that offers a broad range of proven technology. Both Bernex and Hauzer equipment can be set up with a wide range of technologies that have proven themselves in hundreds of machines in the field – many of which are several decades old and are still performing at a quality level that meets the best in class today.

Tool manufacturers and OEMs value the fact that the equipment can be set up to fit their exact business needs. R&D departments prize machines with the broadest range of process and material options. Customers in the coating services industry benefit from the robustness of our industrial equipment, the optimised cost of ownership and worldwide support on a daily basis.


A long-term commitment to your success

Bernex and Hauzer are both proud of the lasting relationships they have with many customers. “We’ve been number 1 in CVD since 1973,” says Philippe Ricklin, Bernex Sales & Marketing Director. “A large majority of all CVD-coated cutting inserts worldwide are coated on Bernex machines. Like Hauzer, Bernex specialises in high-tech upgrades and fast, reliable support – because investing in a coating system is a long-term commitment.”

This commitment also extends to the future. To ensure that we can offer our customers the most promising new technologies, Bernex and Hauzer experts are constantly keeping an eye on developments. In the market, in academic research, and by watching trends in patent filings, for instance. That way, you can rely on us to continue to offer you the latest in technology upgrades  at the time they become relevant to your business.


Hauzer: highly flexible configurations

Hauzer has a very broad range of mature PVD and PACVD technologies and targets, which can be configured and combined freely on our modular batch or inline coating equipment. The result: a system configured for your specific business need. All this technology is available in the Hauzer competence centres, which allows us to do joint development and work toward the optimal coating solution.

Available technologies

  • CARC+ Flex
  • Pulsed Arc
  • HiPIMS
  • DMS/T-mode
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Plasma Etching
  • Plasma Cleaning
  • Focused Ion Rapid Etch
  • Plasma Nitriding


Bernex: highly tuneable multilayer coatings

Bernex machines produce thin-film CVD coatings on a wide variety of substrates such as ceramics, tungsten carbides, tool steels and high- temperature nickel alloys. With their technology, it is even possible to coat the inside surfaces of complex shapes or create complex multilayer coatings that consist of many different elements.

Available technologies

  • LP & VLP CVD (low and very low pressure)
  • MT & HT CVD (mid and high temperature)
  • Gas precursors (H2, HCl, CO, CO2, CH4, BCl3, NH3
  • Liquid precursors (TiCl4, CH3CH, SiCl4)
  • Solid precursors (Al, Hf, Zr, Cr, Ta)
  • Full range of coatings:
    • TiC/TiN, TiCN (MT, HT), aAl2O3, κAl2O3, HfN, ZrN, ZrC, Ta, Zr(CN), TiZr(CN), ZrO2, Ti(CBN), TiB2, TIAlN

 A standard Bernex machine is set up with 8-15 mass flows. For coating R&D purposes, we can provide machines with up to 25 mass flows and the control and precision to use it to exacting specifications. If you have any specific pressure and temperature options in mind, please get in touch.


Tool industry webinar

Are you looking for the next investment in your tool coating business? Following the success of our webinar for the deco sector, we will be hosting an online event dedicated to opportunities and developments in coatings for the tool industry. For further details and to register, visit our dedicated site.