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IHI Bernex is a proud international high-tech company with 50 employees of more than ten nationalities. Its headquarters are located in Olten, Switzerland, and its Asian service organization is located in Kunshan, China. Bernex chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems and coating recipes set the standard in CVD coating for customers worldwide.

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Bernex as employer

Open, diverse, fascinating

Are you looking for the next step in your career? Developing, building and supporting state-of-the-art CVD equipment requires highly skilled employees with a wide range of expertise: process engineers, software developers, mechanical engineers, assembly staff, service engineers and office staff.

IHI Bernex is a proud international high-tech company with 50 employees of more than ten nationalities. With excellent teams in two locations – Switzerland and China – Bernex serves customers worldwide who are looking for best-in-class chemical vapor deposition, aluminizing or infiltration (CVD, CVA and CVI) equipment.

Always working in teams, IHI Bernex AG has a very open and informal company culture. This is also lived by our long-term employees who remain loyal to IHI Bernex for decades. The high-tech world of thin-film technology is very diverse and always offers new challenges. 


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Vacancies at BERNEX Olten (CH)

Projektmanager/in 60-100%


Vacancies at HAUZER (NL)






“Working in R&D at Bernex is never boring. Every day is different, and the R&D team has a tremendous amount of freedom to schedule our own work and create our own projects. In addition to development projects for customers, we are also always exploring our own ideas for new products. With good support from the management team and an R&D machine at our disposal, we can be creative and move quickly.”
(Hristo Strakov, Head of Technology)


“Each day brings interesting challenges. One day, you are digging through papers and patterns to find the information you need. Other days you work with customers to understand their application better. Our team works together as much as possible, with an excellent atmosphere.”
(Vasileos Papageorgiou, Product Manager CVD)


“As a process engineer new to Bernex, I am learning a lot. The small team I work in is a great place to learn by doing, and the work is very interesting. I enjoy working on a few projects at the same time, and it is great to work with other highly skilled engineers in such a flexible way.”
(Anja Bäumchen, Process Engineer CVD)

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