CVD coatings are unmatched in wear protection, making them the coating of choice for many industrial segments. CVD coatings can be 2 to 40 micrometer thick, enhancing components beyond the properties of their base materials. Ideal for inserts for cutting applications, forming and molding tools like punches, extrusion and trimming dies and mechanical components subject to abrasive or corrosive environments.

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Experts in CVD in All Forms

Bernex is the world leader in low pressure CVD in the cutting, forming and molding industries. CVA and CVI, derivatives of the CVD process that Bernex has elevated to industrial-scale technologies, have their own range of specific applications. CVA is the supreme technology for coating hot-section turbine blades and aerospace components. CVI is very suitable for protecting fiber-reinforced composites and other porous materials, which are gaining popularity now that weight concerns increasingly play a role in design.


Solving your problem

The most interesting application for any technology is the one that we have not discovered yet. Are you running into wear, corrosion or oxidation issues in your industry? Have you identified the weak components in your manufacturing process or final product? A specialized CVD coating may be the answer to increasing your productivity and reliability. Bernex has many types of ready-to-use coating recipes and the top-notch R&D department to develop a new, proprietary coating exactly to your specifications. If your application can be served with an off-the-shelf CVD coating, the Bernex specialists would be happy to refer you to a reputable coating service provider.


Coating development

Bernex can offer you an enormous variety in custom coating recipes. This is the strength of the chemical vapor deposition, aluminizing and infiltration process. The Bernex R&D team specializes in developing, testing and scaling new coating recipes from the basics, both for our own portfolio and for highly specialized customer applications. Many Bernex customers worldwide have benefited from our R&D expertise to obtain proprietary coating recipes. 

The coating development process is as follows:

  • Discussing the specific applications and requirements with the customer
  • Developing several potential coatings
  • Quality testing on the Bernex R&D machine according to standardized tests
  • Selecting the most promising coating with the customer
  • Scaling the coating process to industrial reliability standards – fine-tuning the delicate settings for pressure, chemicals and gas flow to get identical coating quality at every point in the reactor


Get started today

With over 45 years of expertise in process and technology development, Bernex is the right partner for any new application project in the worldwide CVD arena. We develop custom processes, hardware and systems to exactly meet the requirements for the application and continue to offer support for decades after the installation.

Would you like to talk to one of our technical experts about your application and the potential of CVD, CVA or CVI to solve your issue? Please contact Vasileos Papageorgiou, Product Manager CVD.

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